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Once upon a time, there was a young woman named Aisha. Aisha was a talented artist, but due to her family responsibilities, she couldn't pursue her passion for painting as a full-time career. She was always on the lookout for ways to make money from home, so she could contribute to her family's income while still being able to take care of her household duties.

One day, Aisha came across an interesting opportunity on social media. It was a program launched by a company that offered a chance to earn money from home, without any investment or initial cost. She was intrigued and decided to learn more about it.

The program was quite simple. All she had to do was register with the company and share her registration code with friends and family on social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Her registration code would be used as a 5% discount promo coupon on the company's website, which would be available to anyone who used it to buy home use products.

For each sale that came through her registration code, Aisha would earn a 10% commission. The company also offered multiple payment options, such as EasyPaisa, Mobi Cash, and bank transfers, for her convenience.

Aisha was delighted to find such an opportunity, as it would not only allow her to earn money from home, but also help her customers get a discount on their purchases. She eagerly filled out the application form and submitted it.

A few days later, Aisha received an email from the company welcoming her on board and providing her with all the necessary information she needed to get started. She was given access to a dashboard that showed her how many people had used her registration code, how many sales she had made, and how much commission she had earned.

Aisha began sharing her registration code with her friends and family on social media platforms, and soon, she started making sales. She was surprised at how easy it was and how quickly she began earning money.

Before she knew it, Aisha had become a successful affiliate of the company, earning a good income from home and contributing to her family's finances. She was grateful for the opportunity that had come her way and encouraged others to take advantage of it as well.

Earning process:

  • You need to share your name for registration. We will issue you a registration code.
  • Your registration code will be used as a 5% discount promo coupon on our website which you will share with friends and family members.
  • Whenever any customer will buy a product from our website we will give you 10% commission on each sale. 
Commission Payment:
  • For your cash collection, you can use Easy Pisa, Mobi Cash or Bank transfer. For the 1st time payment will be transferring your amount after 3 orders delivered to the customers. 


Means you are not only earning but also giving 5% discount to your customers on buying home use products.
If you agree with the term and conditions please fill the given Application Form for your job application.


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